Distribution of casino funds between urban & rural groups

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Distribution of casino funds between urban & rural groups – It was wrong in 2009, and it’s getting ‘wronger’ each passing year without action to correct this inequity.

BADAS participated in the consultation process on charitable gaming conducted by the MLA Committee appointed by the Honourable Solicitor General. We attended the regional meetings conducted by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission on behalf of the MLA Committee at Edmonton and provided a written submission (under Additional Information). In one sentence – there is a HUGE inequity in the distribution of casino funds depending on where your group is located. In our case, we provide facilities and services to both urban and rural Albertans across Alberta’s Capital Region but only receive less than $20,000 whereas urban groups receive more than $75,000 per casino. Before you leave this page, email us with your group’s story (we know we’re not alone on this one!) and it will be forwarded to our MLA for action.