Equine Facilities

Our booking procedures and forms have recently changed. Please read the full details below and be sure that you are using the correct forms to book single-session use of 1 sand ring, 2 sand rings, and the Cross Country Course.

Anyone entering the Beaumont & District Agricultural Society (BADAS) Fairground MUST HAVE permission to do so.  For equine and canine users, this means having booked a time slot to use either the Cross-Country Course and/or show rings.

Major changes were made in Spring 2023 to the procedures for obtaining a booking for your riding/canine activity or event.  FIRST, you will have to decide if you want to book a single-session activity OR a rental agreement, which is only for very large groups (usually more than 25) involved in a full day or multi-day event.

When you select the single-session activity, then you must choose one of 3 options:  1 sand ring, 2 sand rings, or the Cross-Country (X-C) Course.  These selections can be found near the bottom of this page, beneath the pictures, under the 'FAIRGROUND BOOKINGS' header.  You should find this procedure quick and easy, and your booking will be logged and confirmed within a matter of minutes!



Fairground Bookings

A single-session booking is one that obtains a block of time for a group of users (e.g. 1 to 25) to use one of the BADAS equine facilities on a single day.  Click on the option below, then choose 1 sand ring, 2 sand rings, OR the X-C Course.  Within  that selection, choose a date.  Then select a Start Time (click on an hour) and an End Time (click the hour before your planned end time) -- only 2 clicks are needed to set Start and End times.  Then select the number of participants by using + to advance the number or by overwriting the number.  When completed, your booking should be confirmed within minutes.

See Options & Book Online

Rental agreements will be set up for large group, single- or multi-day events, for example, clinics, camps, horse shows, or competitions, and will be handled as we have in the past.  Lead time of several weeks to months will be necessary.  The current online Booking Form will be revised to accommodate information needed to create a rental agreement.  Please be patient as we work on these changes.  Please DO NOT use this form for single-session bookings -- you will be asked to redo them using the correct form.

Rental Agreement Booking Form


Where is BADAS located in Alberta's Capital Region?

BADAS itself does not have an official HQ office, currently relying on its Board member volunteers and General Manager to provide administrative support. The BADAS Fairground (71.3 acres), located in the central part of Leduc County, Alberta, was annexed into the City of Beaumont in 2018, and is located at the west edge of the City. The Fairground is located 10 minutes east of Edmonton International Airport and 10 minutes south of the City of Edmonton.

East/West Outdoor Show Rings

Great for Equine, Canine and Bovine Shows!

There are 2 full-size show rings of 132 feet by 271 feet (40 metres by 82.6 metres) with sand footing. One hundred twenty-eight (128) open air stalls have been completed and are available for $20 per day. Thirty (30) covered stalls have also been completed and are available at $30 per day. As expected, footing in the outdoor show rings in the past few years has been challenged by the constant wind, rain, sleet, snow, ... you get the idea!


Featured BADAS Fairground User Group

Clearwater Valley Pony Club (CVPC)!

BADAS provides facilities and administrative assistance to support the programming of district user groups that rely on the Fairground and its amenities. Often, these groups in return donate their expertise and resources to help the Ag Society during fundraising and community events like the annual Rural Roots Fair. BADAS is proud to feature the Clearwater Valley Pony Club (CVPC), a long-term partner.

CVPC celebrated its 50th Anniversary in conjunction with the 12th Annual Beaumont Horse Trials at BADAS Fairgrounds on June 2-3, 2018. This event drew 176 riders from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan that competed in each of 3 disciplines for Horse Trials: Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country. With the help of 70+ volunteers, the weekend was a huge success. Being a special anniversary, a live band and catered dinner were held on June 3 for competitors, alumni and CVPC families.

CVPC also partners with BADAS to host the annual Beaumont Clinic & Derby in May. After the CIVID-19 pandemic, this event became a 2-day Cross-Country Clinic. Another major event hosted by CVPC is the Beaumont Horse Trials (BHT). BHT was cancelled in 2020 and 2021, but will go ahead with a new format in 2022. In 2021, CVPC had 5 active members and 3 Horse Masters.

CVPC would like to thank BADAS for their continued support for our members.