The Beaumont and District Agricultural Society (BADAS) is a 'not-for-profit organization' registered under provincial legislation - the Agricultural Societies Act of Alberta. Agricultural Societies help in the development of the communities in which their members live and work. For more information on the 284 Agricultural Societies in Alberta, click here.

BADAS in '60 Seconds'

Who and What We Are!

Our Vision is to strengthen rural roots on the urban fringe of Alberta's Capital Region. From this perspective, our Mission is to support and enhance the quality of life for residents of the City of Beaumont, Leduc County, and surrounding communities through the advancement of agricultural, recreational, and cultural opportunities. 

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Our Organizational Values and Four Goals

Our Premise Identification Number (PID) is AA0275X27

BADAS Members value: 

supporting and nurturing volunteerism; being responsive to community needs; fostering cooperative work amongst unique, diverse individuals; and, promoting the values of rural and agricultural communities. If that sounds like you, please share your energy with us!

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The four goals of BADAS are:

To effectively and efficiently manage our organization; to nurture volunteers through camaraderie, accomplishment and fun; to promote diverse cultural, recreational and agricultural opportunities; and, maintain and improve facilities.

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Where is BADAS located in Alberta's Capital Region?

The Society is located in the central part of Leduc County, Alberta on the west edge of the City of Beaumont. We are located 10 minutes east of Edmonton International Airport and 10 minutes south of the City of Edmonton.