Equine Cross Country Course – Bookings were 8% lower in 2019

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During the 2013 riding season, BADAS introduced a new tracking system to monitor the level of use of the Cross Country Course and other facilities at the Fairground. Thanks to the excellent cooperation of user groups, we were able to determine the following summary for the 2018 season.

Equine use of the Fairground generates the most bookings, user numbers and rental/fee revenue. BADAS collects booking and user information that reveals how the equine facilities are used. Total number of equine bookings in 2019 – 95; 8% fewer bookings than in 2018. 29 were cancelled. Logged rider-days (sessions) for the year – 835; 26% fewer equine rider-days than in 2018.

Eight equine events (clinics, competitions, testing) were booked in 2019; none were cancelled. Estimated rider-days for events (522) were about 17% lower than in 2018. We also have figures on the number of X-Country rider-days (49% of total); on sand ring rider-days (24% of total); and on multiple-facility rider-days (26% of total).

Equine use started at the beginning of May in 2019. May had the most bookings (33%), September (9%) and July (14%) the lowest. There were 2 bookings in October; 1 was cancelled.

Bookings and user numbers fell drastically, and cancellations rose, after mid-June. Very wet weather conditions had a devastating effect on equine usage of the grounds. Also, many CVPC members had their horses quarantined for most of the summer, reducing their usage of the Fairground significantly. One canine group – Hound Sense – used the Fairground twice for tracking classes in 2019

The “Tour of the Prairies” Cross Country Course has been completed with over 60 PE to T level jumps, 2 ponds, and a bank complex. There’s two ways to enjoy it – ride or just go for a walk and marvel at the workmanship! Riders throughout Alberta have spoken very positively of this course, you will too once you give it a ride!

If you are interested in a non-exclusive booking of the course, here’s what we need to know: your contact information including email address and cell phone number to reach you at the Fairgrounds when you are on-site; date of booking with time expected in and out; number of riders and horses; and, the name and contact information of the qualified instructor who must be present for any jumping activities. How can you provide us with that info?

Start by checking under Additional Information for availability in our Booking Calendar; review our Course User Policy; marvel at our rock-bottom fee schedule; contact us with your booking request by email. Sorry, no phone as we’re all volunteers so your patience is appreciated. When you’ve booked a time, download and sign the Waiver Form then deposit it and your cheque in the dropbox at the Concession building BEFORE using the course.

NOTE: You MUST sign the waiver form, have a valid AEF or equivalent number, and have a certified coach supervising your ride. We recommend you carry a cell phone at all times in the event of an emergency while on the course. Anyone caught in violation of these conditions is subject to the BADAS Abusive Patrons Policy – no exceptions so don’t even think about asking.