Rain Barrel Truckload Sale on NOW!

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This sale benefits Beaumont and District Agricultural Society in Beaumont, Alberta.

Thank you for your past order from RainBarrel.ca and for supporting our fundraising partners. More barrels, parts, and accessories are available in your community. Please check it out and kindly share this year’s sale event with your local contacts.

What are the benefits of a rain barrel?

  • Save Water and Money: Using rainwater instead of tap water for outdoor use can reduce your water bill.
  • Better Gardens: Grow bigger and better plants and vegetables with rainwater and avoid chlorine and fluoride found in tap water.
  • Protect Local Waterways: Fast moving rainwater washes pollutants from lawns and driveways into streams, rivers, and lakes. Rain barrels capture water and slow it down to be released slowly after storms have passed.

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