Lifting of COVID-19 protocols re. July 1, 2021

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General Information

  • Anyone entering the Beaumont & District Agricultural Society (BADAS) Fairground MUST HAVE permission to do so.
    • For gardeners, this means having registered and paid the fees to rent a plot(s) for the season.
    • For equine users, this means having booked a time slot to use either the Cross-Country Course and/or sand-ring arenas.
  • Comply with Alberta Health Services public health orders for isolation if you are symptomatic or have recently travelled abroad or tested positive for COVID-19. In other words, STAY HOME if you or anyone in your household is sick, especially with respiratory issues.
  • For more information please reference COVID-19 info for Albertans.

Fairground Access

  • Starting July 01, the main gates will NOT be unlocked in the morning and re-locked at night.
  • The combination code for the gate locks will be distributed to gardeners and the Person Responsible (PR) for equine groups using the Fairground facilities. To open the combination lock, dialed in the combination code, depress the shackle into the lock to release it before pulling the lock open.
  • If you or your group have permission to use the Fairground, unlock a gate (west gate used most often), and make sure that the panels are secured in an open position. NOTE: Even a light wind can move a panel if it is not secured either by a stone or wooden prop, or by chaining it in the open position to a post so positioned for that purpose.
  • If you are the last person/group to leave the Fairground, please re-lock the gates using the supplied chain and lock. Scramble the combination numbers before firmly pressing the shackle into the lock – make sure that it is truly locked before you leave.

While at the Fairground

  • Even though AHS guidelines regarding physical distancing and sanitizing common surfaces were lifted for outdoor activities as of July 01, we recommend that Fairground users continue to maintain physical distancing of 2 m (6 ft) among individuals/family cohorts and wash hands often. Be advised that protocols could be rolled back by Alberta Health Services should the need arise again.


This has been and continues to be a ‘learn-as-we-go’ experience for BADAS. Changes to the protocol will be made if AHS and/or the cities of Beaumont and Edmonton change public health orders.