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The BADAS Fairgrounds Mortgage-Burning Party is over!

BADAS Directors and Members have worked very hard towards securing ownership of the 70 acre Fairgrounds parcel immediately west of the Town of Beaumont in Leduc County, Alberta for over a decade. Have a look at the site plan for our 25 year vision for the Fairgrounds - it's ambitious! With our last official payment on the mortgage for the Fairgounds on August 24, 2011, it has been paid in full. Thanks to everyone in our District who have helped raise funds through the past 11 years. Special thanks also to our dignitaries who brought best wishes to our party on June 12, 2011. They were: George Rogers, MLA; Mayor John Whaley, Leduc County; Mayor Camille Berube, Town of Beaumont; Lisa Hardy, Executive Director of the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies; Jeremy Kornel, Beaumont Blues Festival; Loretta Martin, BADAS Director and Equine Enthusiast Extraordinaire; and, Harry Zuzak, P.Eng., BADAS Director, Chair of the BADAS Development Committee and member of the Gerry Patsula Community Gardens. Have a look at our mortgage going up in flames courtesy of Grace O'Flynn (ride on, Grace!)
The Gobeil Heritage Barn (GHB) Project - Update to April 1st, 2018 - no foolin' ;0)

The Gobeil Heritage Barn is an architecturally and historically significant heritage resource located approximately 3.5 km (2 miles) northwest of the Town of Beaumont. The project is a 3-way joint project between the Gobeil Family (current owner of the barn Mrs. Regina Gobeil and her four adult children, all reside in or near Beaumont); the Beaumont and District Agricultural Society; and the Beaumont and District Heritage Society/La Société d’Histoire de Beaumont. Phase I of the GHB Project moved the Heritage Barn from its original farm location to the Agricultural Society Fairground as described in the following paragraphs. Thanks to Beaumont News for their article on our Project, found under Additional Information.

In 2016, the GHB was successfully moved on to the BADAS Fairground on April 26, 2016. Thanks to CBC News for an informative article and an amazing video that captured the event! It was parked in a temporary location near the stables. In May and June, earth was moved from the permanent barn location. In July, the Concession Trailer and green bleachers were relocated to make room for the barn.

In 2017, earth moving and leveling was completed, drilling for and pouring of concrete piles was finished up, and building the foundation was completed. Final move of the barn commenced in late October and wrapped up by the end of November. Re-roofing was completed in December. These activities events were large-scale efforts that successfully relocated the heritage barn to its new home and prepared the way for Phase II of the project.

What is Phase II of the GHB Project and what will happen in 2018? This phase will include the refurbishment of both the exterior and the interior of the Barn. It will be done following a detailed, multi-year project plan for the Barn to be presented to the BADAS Board of Directors and project partners for consideration in the spring. Accompanying the project plan will be a detailed business plan that will contain cost estimates for the steps required to renovate the Gobeil Heritage Barn so that it can be safely used for public events and community programs. It will also include projections for changes to the ways in which the Fairground is operated to accommodate the new facility. Project updates will be posted on our website and Facebook page, hopefully you'll get involved with this wonderful project in the years ahead!

Online Registration for the Gerry Patsula Community Gardens (GPCG) for 2018 Season - Now open as of March 4!

In 2017, an online registration for garden plots was implemented. The feedback proved very positive so let's do it again! Register by following the instructions in the '2018 GPCG Online Registration Instructions' document under Additional Information.

Overview of how our community garden works - BADAS provides the land, watering facilities, and primary soil preparation. You bring your own seeds, weeding weapons of choice and a big smile. In the spring, there is an orientation night to meet your gardening neighbours and in the fall there is a potluck supper to feast on the fruits (and veggies!) of our labours. You will find instructions for online registration to BADAS and the GPCG, updated Policies & Operating Procedures along with the 2017 Plot Layout under Additional Information.

Bonus - Help make life better in Beaumont and District! Gardeners have the opportunity to help BADAS and our community by volunteering at events or work bees. We use a web-based volunteer coordination system to effectively use your valuable time. Our GPCG Coordinator will provide more information at the spring gardens orientation session.

Questions?  Email our GPCG Gardens Coordinator at

Equine Cross Country Course - Bookings were 10% lower in 2017 - how come?

During the 2013 riding season, BADAS introduced a new tracking system to monitor the level of use of the Cross Country Course and other facilities at the Fairground. Thanks to the excellent cooperation of user groups, we were able to determine for 2017 that: 14 events (clinics, competitions) were booked and 17 were cancelled. Estimated rider-days for events were 681 which was 10% lower than the previous year. We also have figures on the number of X-Country rider-days (49% of total); on sand ring rider-days (20% of total); and on multiple-facility rider-days (31% of total).

So what gives with the decrease in usage? In a word - weather. The lower figures mostly reflect the later start to the season and the high frequency of inclement weather throughout the 'summer'. Seventeen cancelled events in 2017 compares to 12 over the longer 2016 season. Despite the drop in revenue, fees have not been increased for 2018.

The “Tour of the Prairies” Cross Country Course has been completed with over 60 PE to T level jumps, 2 ponds,  and a bank complex. There's two ways to enjoy it - ride or just go for a walk and marvel at the workmanship! Riders throughout Alberta have spoken very positively of this course, you will too once you give it a ride!

If you are interested in a non-exclusive booking of the course, here's what we need to know: your contact information including email address and cell phone number to reach you at the Fairgrounds when you are on-site; date of booking with time expected in and out; number of riders and horses; and, the name and contact information of the qualified instructor who must be present for any jumping activities. How can you provide us with that info?

Start by checking under Additional Information for availability in our Booking Calendar; review our Course User Policy; marvel at our rock-bottom fee schedule; contact us with your booking request by email. Sorry, no phone as we're all volunteers so your patience is appreciated. When you've booked a time, download and sign the Waiver Form then deposit it and your cheque in the dropbox at the Concession building BEFORE using the course.

NOTE: You MUST sign the waiver form, have a valid AEF or equivalent number, and have a certified coach supervising your ride. We recommend you carry a cell phone at all times in the event of an emergency while on the course. Anyone caught in violation of these conditions is subject to the BADAS Abusive Patrons Policy - no exceptions so don't even think about asking.

BADAS Fairground - What is its future with annexation to the Town of Beaumont on January 1st, 2017?

Your Ag Society decided on April 7, 2014 that none of the 71 acre Fairground would be sold for five (5) years. Also, a parcel of land would be retained at our current location to ensure that the Objectives of the Ag Society could be met in perpetuity. These decisions represents an initial investment in land that is worth millions of dollars to support agricultural, recreational and cultural opportunities in Beaumont and District! In the deliberations leading up to these decisions, extensive consultations were completed with residents, Administration and Councillors of Leduc County and the Town of Beaumont as well as User Groups and Community Volunteer Organizations. Further, it was recognized that urban development is rapidly approaching the Fairground therefore BADAS needed to be prepared for the coming changes in land use. Clearly, large animals surrounded by intensive urban uses such as homes and commercial businesses is a lose-lose situation for everyone!

In 2017, BADAS completed a visioning exercise on development of the Fairground based on a smaller footprint than the current 71 acres. The exercise considered current and future needs of our District. The vision guides discussions on the future development of the Fairground.

Send us an email if you have questions, comments or need further information.

East/West Outdoor Show Rings - Great for Equine, Canine and Bovine Shows!

There are 2 full-size show rings of 132 feet by 271 feet (40 metres by 82.6 metres) with sand footing. Ninety-four (94) open air stalls have been completed and are available for $15 per day. Thirty (30) covered stalls have also been completed and are available at $25 per day. As expected, footing in the outdoor show rings in the past few years has been challenged by the constant wind, rain, sleet, snow, ... you get the idea!

BADAS Fairground Developments in 2017 - What's new?

Thanks to an Agricultural Initiatives Program (AIP) grant, it was a busy year!

The AIP grant, which brought in $38,154 to be matched by BADAS funds plus volunteer time, was used to upgrade some existing infrastructure and facilities. Here is brief list of work completed under the AIP grant:  Perimeter fencing enclosing the entire Fairground;  Repair and upgrade of Cross-Country Course jumps;  Road repairs with new gravel and improved approaches;  Secondary power run to stable, the Gobeil Heritage Barn (GHB), and arena tower;  Earth work to move topsoil from the GHB site to the paddock, community gardens and other areas.

Have a look at our Annual Newsletter (About Us page, look under Additional Information) to review the budget for 2018.

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